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Player Name (or nickname): Artemis/Aristoboule/Elliemun/HEY YOU

Character Name(full): Elise Masterson Anders

Nickname (what they like to be called): Ellie

Fandom (series of origin): Original character

Age: 27

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual.

Grade level or staff position: n/a at this time (but if needed, she could help out with Art, Art History, or PE).

GPA (if applicable): n/a

Description of original canon, or link to wiki/other source: The bio of the original Ellie character is here, and [ profile] shibarikitten is her alt. [ profile] puissance_ellie, both here and on LJ, had been the original MAHS alt.

Short Bio: Ellie graduated from MAHS and then followed Mike, who's older by a year, to Ohio State University. She studied Art History there and got married to Mike after her Junior year and right after he'd graduated from college. After a short, week-long honeymoon, Mike left for boot camp and then additional training (including flight school) in the Navy. It wasn't until next May that she was able to live with him again, and the time they spent together was sporadic at best as he spent the majority of his time on active duty and overseas.

Working initially at temp jobs and then as an assistant at an art gallery, her life drastically changed the day she was notified that Mike had been in a serious accident -- his jet had crashed and he had sustained some serious injury. Though the crash hadn't been his fault, he'd been given a medical discharge from the Navy and now it was up to her to help him recover. Shuttling him to doctor's and physical therapy appointments was going to be her full-time job now.

In a strange and tragic twist of fate, her aunt and uncle had been killed in an accident shortly after Mike's accident, and the Masterson farm had been left to both of them. Deciding to return to Middle Area to make a fresh start, they're going to be struggling to make all of this work and hopefully still find time to keep their marriage from falling apart from all of the stress.

Appearance (and/or link a photo): Reese Witherspoon

Player Contact (email or AIM): aristoboule @ insanejournal DOT com or aristoboule on AIM. I'm usually only logged into AIM on my phone, so it might take me a few minutes to type a reply!

Sample narrative rp (a short, third person narrative scene): It had been a series of unusual and freakish events that brought her back to Middle Area, now almost ten years after Ellie had graduated from high school. However many times she'd promised herself and her family, she'd never even made it back for so much as a visit, not even for her aunt and uncle's funeral after the accident. Her parents had reassured her that staying with Mike would be the best thing for everyone involved and that there wasn't anything she could do that they couldn't do without her help.

But what if all those broken promises had resulted in this? First Mike's crash, and then the mysterious deaths of her aunt and uncle not even a week later? Was her tab with Middle Area past due and need of immediate payment with not just her presence, but Mike's as well? The world certainly worked in mysterious ways, and she and Mike now found themselves the sole owners of the Masterson Middle Area Horse Farm. Would they be able to handle this drastic new change in their lives and rebuild, and do it here?

Gathering her thoughts as she cooked breakfast for both of them, she knew she had to keep it together and ask for help if she needed it. Caring for Mike during his recovery and keeping the farm in working order was going to be no small feat, and taking deep breaths and promising herself that it'd all work out wasn't going to accomplish it alone. After breakfast, she promised herself, she'd start looking up their old friends and hopefully get reacquainted... if they even still remembered them.

Sample Character Journal Entry (short, first person entry the character would make in their journal): What a whirlwind of a day. I'd love to crawl into bed next to Mike right now, but I want to make sure I keep track of his progress, as well as the state of the farm. Mom and Dad are planning to come out to help us in the next few weeks, though they've got a number of things to handle themselves in Indiana -- if I could help them, I'd be going there instead.

I feel awful for Mike and hope I can help him with whatever he wants or needs. It's horribly selfish of me, but I hope he still loves me and wants me by his side. He's got a long and painful recovery ahead of him, but I'm worried that he'll lose interest in me, or what we have, and will go off on his own path when he's able. But he's alive, isn't he? And that's more than I could've ever hoped for when I got the news. It's amazing that he's still alive, in one piece, and able to communicate and I hope that everything can be just like before, maybe even better. Okay, that's being rather greedy of me.

Positive thoughts, right? Once it warms up a little, I'm hoping he'll want to visit with the horses and barn cats. Some of Tabitha's kittens are still here, all grown up and it was good to at least have something familiar to come back to here. Here's hoping for rehabilitation one step at a time, no less than he needs and no more than he can handle.

Goodnight Mike, goodnight farm.


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