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We had beautiful weather last night, and it was fun to just sit out on the porch with Mike and hand out candy. We didn't have too many trick or treaters, but we had a great time carving the pumpkins and roasting the seeds and catching up with friends and neighbors.

I remember that big Halloween party back in high school, and I think Mike and I had sneaked out early... not that anyone was (or is, now that I'll admit it, ha!) likely surprised by that. But even with all the things that had happened that year, and the years since, I'm glad we moved back here. It's home really, more than Indiana ever was, I think.

Thanksgiving will be here soon, and both sets of parents will be visiting, hopefully Dennis and Jennifer too, maybe even more friends from Chicago. And anyone who might like to have dinner with us in town will be welcome too.
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I suppose it much better to be very busy, if not overworked, than bored from inactivity, but a bit of a breather would be nice. It's been almost two months since my birthday, and the amazing gift Mike gave me, and things are coming along so nicely. Come next spring, the new stables will be finished and that much closer to being a self-sustaining farm, crops and all. I've already got a space planned out for a large vegetable garden, a big strawberry patch, and we'll be donating whatever food we don't consume or can or make into preserves.

Mike's been making more progress too, and it's nothing short of fantastic. I can't get my hopes up about some things, but he's safe and healthy and home, and it doesn't get any better than that. I'm hoping we might be able to go somewhere for vacation this winter, just the two of us, and relax on a beach somewhere. I can dream, can't I?
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Waiting until Mike was settled into bed for his afternoon nap, Ellie quietly made her way into the room that served as their business office and began to unpack in earnest. It was long overdue, though there really hadn't been any free time to do it. Keeping Mike on schedule for therapy and medication outweighed arranging and decorating the room, but she couldn't put this off any longer than she already had.

Mike's framed diploma was the first thing she put up on the wall, swapping it with an old, faded landscape print her aunt had bought simply as filler, nothing more. She could remember Aunt Maggie's monthly search for a painting that would accent the room just so, but that piece of art never did catch her eye and demand that she take it home and hang it here. His membership certificate from Phi Beta Kappa was next, taking up residence on the wall by the window. Some of his awards, both from college and the Navy were next, arranged underneath that certificate.

After an hour's worth of brisk work, she was almost finished constructing by what all appearances could be taken to be a shrine to Mike's intelligence and accomplishments. Ellie wanted it to be a daily reminder to him just how accomplished and brilliant he really is, and hoped he'd find it encouraging and supportive.

Her own diploma and certificate were left in the box, sealing it up with heavy packing tape and marking the contents for the attic. I don't want to see them, maybe not ever again. I should've been with Mike, not at school. Since it was almost time for Mike to wake from his nap, she set the box back in a closet, making a note to take it up to the attic the next chance she got, or to ask Mark to help her with it once he came back to work.


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